QPython header

QPython script's header can control some behavior, it will run with GUI mode ( You can see the output by click the notification bar's icon ) by default.

User mode

  • Run with console mode ( Default mode, the same behavior as desktop or server computer's python )
val = raw_input("Please input value")
print "hello world %s" % val
  • Run with kivi mode ( Graph mode )
  • Run with web app mode
#qpy:webapp:<app title>
Launching the web service on localhost:8080 without android titlebar (fullscreen)

python core

  • Run with python 2 runtime ( In Development )
print "This is python 2 syntax"
  • Run with python 3 runtime ( In Development )
print("This is python 3 syntax")

SL4A Programming

QPython has extended SL4A, which let your android device works by script driving.

WEB Programming

QPython include Bottle and django framework as it's WEB framework. You can install it from QPypi, when you have installed django in your android, you can make HTML apps with powerful python backend easily.

Advanced Network Programming

Besides the python's basic network APIs, QPython supports the Twisted framework, which could work with kivy as well in QPython.

Other libraries

There are many libraries you can find it from QPypi, you can enter the QPypi from QPython to install them.