QEdit is a text editor for android tablets and phones, besides text edit, it can make Python / HTML development on android more fun and convenient especially. It's your favorate CODE EDITOR in POCKET, best choice.

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User guide

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Editor Setting

Supported Files

  • Python. (.py)
  • Markdown. (.md)
  • HTML (.html or .htm)

Report Bugs

bugs with the editor may be reported by opening a new issue on the QEditor issue page

QEditor development

QEditor is the editor which QPython uses. QEditor is opensource now, if you want to contribute, please send email to river at qpython.org or fork Qedit and send a pull request.

The Qeditor javadoc can be viewed on this page



He is an application designer & android programmer & python programmer, who create the qpython project.

Kyle Kersey

He is a developer, who contributes editor of QPython mainly and has improved it more efficient for QPython programmers.