QEdit is a text editor for android tablets and phones, besides text edit, it can make Python / HTML development on android more fun and convenient especially. It's your favorate CODE EDITOR in POCKET, best choice.

### Version Information
* [Changelog](changelog)

User guide
* [Keyboard shortcuts](keyboard_shortcuts)
* [File share / transfer](file_share_transfer)
* [snippets](snippets)

### Roadmap (TODO)
* [Basic editor -  Includes basic editor's function](basic_editor)
* [Git functions - Let developers can sync their code anywhere](git_functions)
* [QPython special - Support QPython well](qpython_special)
* [Terminal - Support the android shell script](terminal)


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    Editor Setting

### Supported Files

* Python.  (.py)
* Markdown.  (.md)
* HTML (.html  or .htm)

### Report Bugs 
bugs with the editor may be reported by opening a new issue on the [QEditor issue page](https://github.com/qpython-android/QEditor/issues)

QEditor development
QEditor is the editor which QPython uses.
[QEditor](https://github.com/qpython-android/QEditor) is opensource now, if you want to contribute, please send email to river at qpython.org or fork Qedit and send a pull request.

The Qeditor javadoc can be viewed on this [page](http://kylelk.github.io/html-examples/qeditor/doc/)

### Developers

He is an application designer & android programmer & python programmer, who create the qpython project.

[**Kyle Kersey**](https://github.com/kylelk)

He is a developer, who contributes editor of QPython mainly and has improved it more efficient for QPython programmers.