What is QPython?

QPython is Python on Android! It is a Python Engine, you can running it on your Android devices like cell phone or tablet. It included the Python interpreter, console, editor, libs and so on.

Is it free?

Yes, it's totally free.

Where can I get QPython?

You can get it from many markets, like

How to get help if I get a problem?

You can send us an email support@qpython.org or post your question on our community http://qpython.org.

Where can I learn QPython programing?

The same style to Python, please visit here http://www.python.org

Why QPython needs the camera permission?

QPython can read codes from QRCode. So, unless you write code to use the camera, or run someone else's Python code that does so, QPython is not going to be accessing the camera.

What's the difference between QPython Player(Lite before) and QPython?

In general, QPython Player(Lite before) is for common users. QPython is for developers.