How to execute qpython's python in other terminals

Execute the following script with your qpython

import os
fd = open("/sdcard/", "w")
fd.write("TERM=%s\n" % os.environ.get("TERM"))
fd.write("PATH=%s\n" % os.environ.get("PATH"))
fd.write("LD_LIBRARY_PATH=%s\n" % os.environ.get("LD_LIBRARY_PATH"))
fd.write("PYTHONHOME=%s\n" % os.environ.get("PYTHONHOME"))
fd.write("ANDROID_PRIVATE=%s\n" % os.environ.get("ANDROID_PRIVATE"))
fd.write("PYTHONPATH=%s\n" % os.environ.get("PYTHONPATH"))
fd.write("PYTHONSTARTUP=%s\n" % os.environ.get("PYTHONSTARTUP"))
fd.write("PYTHONOPTIMIZE=%s\n" % os.environ.get("PYTHONOPTIMIZE"))
fd.write("TMPDIR=%s\n" % os.environ.get("TMPDIR"))
fd.write("AP_HOST=%s\n" % os.environ.get("AP_HOST"))
fd.write("AP_PORT=%s\n" % os.environ.get("AP_PORT"))
fd.write("AP_HANDSHAKE=%s\n" % os.environ.get("AP_HANDSHAKE"))
fd.write("ANDROID_PUBLIC=%s\n" % os.environ.get("ANDROID_PUBLIC"))
fd.write("ANDROID_PRIVATE=%s\n" % os.environ.get("ANDROID_PRIVATE"))
fd.write("ANDROID_ARGUMENT=%s\n" % os.environ.get("ANDROID_ARGUMENT"))

After you open other terminals, just import the environment variables qpython needs in other terminal applications.

source /sdcard/

You could execute the following cmd to launch python


Build your own Qpython Package Index

We setup the Qpypi with wordpress, with some special javascripts which allow the webpage to interrupt with QPython app.

Built-in javascript in QPypi

How to replace the python core ?

You can use the component way to replace the python core.

Now, you can manage your python dynamic core, by installing the Python x.y.z ( CORE ) do the extract action to reset your python core. ( You can do the "Reset private space" in Setting activity before extracting, Reset will remove your qpython's private storage )

If you want to use the default python core, You can do the "Reset private space" and run any python script, then the qpython will restore the default python core, but you need to reinstall some libraries which were installed in the qpython's private space before.

More detail coming soon ...