9月 16, 2015 version 1.2.1


  • QEdit 支持黑客键盘快捷键 详情

  • 修复了缺失encoding的问题

  • 修复了脚本运行时日志为空的问题

  • 增加了法语

  • 修复了一些其他BUG

Mar 29, 2015 version 1.0.6

It's the QPython V 1.0 ( BETA )

  • Many features improved

  • Fixed Kivy TextInput kills the script bug

  • Fixed the "libpython2.7.so or source command not found" bugs for some devices

Note :

  • You need to insert "#qpy:kivy" into the main.py if your kivy program failed to work after upgrading.

  • If you fail to import some modules you have installed, please insert "import site" into your script.

Nov 29, 2014 version
  • Fix the google market's -505 error with android L/5 when installing qpython

  • Support multiprocessing ( You can install it from QPypi )

Nov 21, 2014 version
  • Fix the Python console failed to open issue for android L / Android 5
Nov 3, 2014 version

Big update you should upgrade (Please backup your /sdcard/com.hipipal.qpyplus/scripts and /sdcard/com.hipipal.qpyplus/projects folders before update)

  • Fix pip console bug of failing to install package in some devices

  • Improve QPypi (still in beta), we setup a qpython package repo, we will try to cross-compiled some useful c-mixed python libraries, please tell us what packages do you need through email, we will put it into our todo list

  • Improve QEdit add the switch of syntax highlight

  • Others, like kivy was updated to ver 1.8.0...

June 15, 2014 version

New features

  • Update the openssl module, fix it's security bugs
May. 29, 2014 version 0.9.8

New features

  • Add pip support, you can use pip to install many packages. You can run pip_console.py from start scripts..
  • Add many encoding support, fix related bugs
  • Improve many webapp's features
Mar. 7, 2014 version

New features

  • Improve QEdit: add some amazing features, Like save as snippet / insert snippet, goto line, search document ...
  • Improve qpython web app: fix some bugs
  • Improve Console: support UTF-8 by default
  • Improve documents on wiki
  • Add default snippets which may help create python project easily
  • Fix some other small bugs
Feb. 11, 2014 version 0.9.7
  • Support web app development
  • Add bottle web framework into default libraries
  • Fix one bug of rename the script / folder in QEditor
  • Add browser preview support in output preview
Jan. 18, 2014 version 0.9.6 /
  • Support all shortcut for Console / QEdit and QPython scripts / applications
  • QEditor Supports syntax highlighting
  • Improve the QPypi
  • Make SL4A service more stable
  • Add NFC MESSAGE BEAM feature in SL4A service
  • Fix the bug (http://qpython.org/question/565/import-site-failed-whsts-wrong/)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts
  • SD library path change from /sdcard/com.hipipal.qpyplus/lib/site-packages/ to /sdcard/com.hipipal.qpyplus/lib/python2.7/site-packages/
  • Improve Quick Guide ( )
August 5, 2013 version 0.9.5
  • Improved QEdit, make it more comfortable for programming with python
  • Improved the notification, make noise less
July 23, 2013 version 0.9.4
  • Added RUN WITH CONSOLE feature, it can let you run script/project in console, just add “#qpy:console” in your python script.


Version 0.9.7 (2015/6/19)
  • Compiled new core with newest NDK toolchain (r10e)

  • Fix some bugs

Version 0.9.5 (2015/3/3)
  • Mainly fixed the "libpython3.2m.so not found" bug on some devices
Nov 23, 2014 version 0.9.2

Fix the Python console failed to open issue for android L / Android 5

Fix the pip issue in some devices

Improve many details, like dashboard etc

June 21, 2014 version 0.9.1

New features

  • Recompile qpython-core for supporting Android 4.2 or higher
  • Update the openssl module, fix it's security bugs
  • Support web app